Database Setup

Step 1: Set up a Corporate Account

Accounts are shared between 3D Lift Plan and iCraneTrax. If you already have a corporate account license for 3D Lift Plan then you do not need to purchase a new Corporate Account license for iCraneTrax. However, iCraneTrax requires an Individual-Login account. Contact customer support if you have a Shared-Login account on 3D Lift Plan.

If you do not have a 3D Lift Plan Corporate Account, follow these steps to purchase one...

  • Make sure you are logged in as the account administrator.
  • Go to your Profile page, which can be found by clicking the "Settings" button in the toolbar.
  • From the "Account Information" page, click the link under the "Upgrade to a Corporate Account" heading, then follow the instructions on the screen to puchase a new iCraneTrax license.
  • Credits are required to purchase a license. If you do not have enough credits in your account, click the "Purchase Credits" link to buy enough credits with a credit card to be able to to purchase your license.
  • If you would like assistance purchasing a license, contact customer support.

Step 2: Create your iCraneTrax database

You can create your database from your account settings pages.

Step 3: Set up your Branches, Employees, and User List

If you would like to set up multiple branches in iCraneTrax, go to your account settings pages and select "Branches" from the menu. Then add all your branches.

A "user" is any individual who will be using iCraneTrax. Each user must be connected to an Employee record in your database in order for some features of the site to work correctly, so it is best to add your Employees to the database before setting up your user list.

To set up your employees, select "Add > Employee" from the toolbar. Then add an employee record for each person who will be using iCraneTrax.

Then set up your User List. Return to your account settings pages and select "User List" from the menu. Add the iCraneTrax username of each person who will use iCraneTrax, and select their name from the "Employee" dropdown list. Click "Save Changes" when you have entered all your users.

Step 4: Add your Equipment and Customers to the database

Now you are ready to add your Equipment and Customers to the database. If you would like to add a large number of equipment and customers, please send spreadsheets to customer support containing the data you want to use on iCraneTrax. Otherwise, use the "Add" menu in the toolbar to add items to your database.