Update Log

This page lists all updates to iCraneTrax. You can enter your email address to receive email notification when an update is made.


May 22, 2020

  • Added the ability to send text message notifications to all employees assigned to a job.
  • Integration with 3D Lift Plan...
    • Connect lift plans to your iCraneTrax jobs.
    • Pull lift information from 3D Lift Plan into your iCraneTrax job.

Nov 6, 2019

  • Added the ability to share your telematics data.
  • When viewing a job, you can now see documents related to the employees, equipment, and customer assigned to a job.

March 5, 2019

  • Print pages can now be converted into PDF documents and saved in your iCraneTrax account.

Nov 2, 2018

  • Added an option to show the terms and conditions on the service agreement printout.
  • Added an option to set the default time type when creating new timeblocks (labor, runtime, etc).

July 23, 2018

  • Timeblocks are shown in job notification emails.
  • You can choose to show timeblocks on dispatch tickets.
  • On the Crane Utilization report, you can specify your typical workdays.
  • On the Customer Calls report, you can show the name of the person who scheduled the last appointment.

May 24, 2018

  • More customization options have been added to the dispatch ticket, quote proposal, and service agreement printouts. You can now customize which fields to display in the job information, job description, and header sections of the printouts. The service agreement printout is also capable of listing more items.

Mar 21, 2018

  • Added two new reports...
    • Map report: Displays appointment, customer, and job locations on a map.
    • Job Pipeline report: Displays all upcoming jobs and their quote amounts.

Nov 27, 2017

  • We have added an alert system to notify you of important events...
    • A document is expiring
    • A task deadline is approaching
    • A potential job date is approaching
    • An equipment rental needs to be picked up from a jobsite
    • A permit is required soon

Dec 22, 2016

  • Time tracking is now available. You can assign equipment and employees to jobs on specific dates and times, and track actual working hours to assist you with payroll and invoicing.

Jan 21, 2016

  • A company logo can be uploaded for each branch to display on printouts.

Nov 12, 2015

  • Added a logging system for email notifications.
  • Added "Chance of Business" as a sorting option on the potential job search page.
  • When copying a job, documents can be copied to the new job.
  • When printing a proposal or service agreement, you can choose to show information from either the potential job or scheduled job.

Oct 13, 2015

  • We have improved the equipment maintenance features, enabling you to...
    • Add services, parts, and labor to maintenance work orders.
    • Maintain a database of parts.
    • Set up maintenance schedules for your equipment.
    • Download OEM-recommended maintenance schedules for your Link-Belt cranes.
    • Set up predefined services that can quickly be added to maintenance work orders.

May 26, 2015

  • Added a Maintenance History report.
  • Added an IFTA report.
  • Updates to the Resource Calendar so it will display correctly in the latest version of Firefox.

Jan 31, 2015

  • Added five more custom fields for cranes and equipment.
  • When viewing a sub-job, now you can see all other sub-jobs related to it.
  • Added an option to not show scheduled jobs on the Day-View Calendar and Resource Calendar.
  • Travel time is now displayed on the Resource Calendar.
  • Improved usability of the Resource Calendar on mobile devices.
  • Now you can send notification emails for jobs and appointments when using mobile devices.
  • Added the ability to transfer all sales data from one salesperson to another. Account administrators can find this feature in their account tools section.
  • On the Customer Calls report, we added an option to include customer calls made by other salespeople.
  • Added a Login Report for account administrators which can be accessed under the new Admin Tools menu option.
  • Minor bug fixes and user-interface improvements.

Dec 13, 2014

  • In addition to daily totals, you can now view monthly and yearly totals for each telematics data report.
  • Added an option to automatically refresh the Resource and Day-View pages every 5 minutes.
  • When updating a job and sending notification emails, the green message at the top of the page will list all email addresses that received a notification email.
  • Corporate account users (not just administrators) can purchases licenses and assign telematics licenses.
  • Documents attached to Potential Jobs will also be listed on its Scheduled Job page.
  • Notes and appointments can be edited by anyone if no owners/attendees are specified for the note/appointment.
  • When you delete a quote, it will be logged in the "Database Changes" log.

Nov 5, 2014

  • Added a "Select All" button to the calendars, search pages, and report pages so you can copy data into a spreadsheet or document. Internet Explorer users will also see a "Copy to Clipboard" button.
  • Added the ability to display more or fewer results per page on the calendars, search pages, and report pages.

Nov 1, 2014

  • Added an option to not display the estimated total on proposals. The option is available at the top of the Proposal print page.
  • Increased the maximum size of the job directions field to 512 characters instead of 256.
  • Increased the maximum size of the crane rigging field to 512 characters instead of 256.
  • Added 10 new telematics reports that show information about your entire fleet. These reports are available from your telematics home page.

Aug 26, 2014

  • New version of the Day-View Calendar...
    • Drag/drop to assign equipment and personnel to jobs.
    • Customizable columns allow you to easily see where your cranes and personnel will be.
    • View and edit job details and status via popup windows.
    • You can display employee's appointments.
    • See your Account Preferences page to customize your Day-View Calendar.
  • Resource Calendar (replaces the Week-View Calendar)...
    • View all jobs that equipment and personnel are assigned to for any time span.... from one day to one year.
    • Click on column headers to narrow in on a specific date.
    • You can display employee's appointments.
    • See your Account Preferences page to customize your Resource Calendar.
  • A new Online Store allows you to purchase and renew all your iCraneTrax and telematics licenses with a credit card.
  • Now you can display a crane or equipment at the top of dispatch tickets, not just employees.
  • All pages on the website can be printed using your web browser's print function.
  • Salesperson names are displayed on dispatch tickets (only if there is a Potential Job associated with the job you are printing).
  • Your filter options on the List-View, Day-View, and Resource Calendars will be remembered throughout the day even if you log out.

June 13, 2014

  • Added three new equipment types... Boom Pump, Trailer Pump, and Placing Boom.
  • The telematics "Positions" page shows the equipment's ignition status (only for GPS units that are aware of ignition status).

April 25, 2014

  • Now you can customize as many Service Agreement documents as you need. Previously you could only customize two. Account administrators can customize the Service Agreements from their Admin Settings page.

April 2, 2014

  • Now you can enter up to 100 Predefined Quote Rates instead of 50.
  • The QuickBooks Integration pages have been redesigned.
  • You can choose to display completed jobs on the List-View page.
  • The Potential Job report now includes links to all the jobs listed in the report.
  • The Potential Job Report will list jobs by date in ascending order instead of descending.
  • Bug Fix: The Crane List and Equipment List reports will correctly group equipment by branch.

March 12, 2014

  • Added an option to sort predefined quote rates alphabetically. This option can be set by account administrators on the "Predefined Quote Rates" page.
  • Added "per Liter" and "per km" options when creating quotes.
  • Miscellaneous Jobs will always show up on the Day-View and Week-View calendars. They used to only show up if the "Show on Calendar" checkbox on the Miscellaneous Job page was checked. They will continue to only show up on the Calendar page if that checkbox is checked.
  • Bug fix: Job numbers are editable on the new pages if you have selected the option to allow editing of job numbers.
  • Bug fix: Contacts will be selected correctly on the Quote page.

March 3, 2014

  • iCraneTrax has been redesigned to improve performance and usability.

Dec 30, 2013

  • Added an option to let you manually set your job numbers and customer ID numbers. Account administrators can change these settings on their Account Preferences page in the "Job Options" section.

Sept 30, 2013

  • We added an option so you can select which types of jobs and appointments to check for scheduling conflicts. Account administrators can change these settings on their Account Preferences page in the "Alerts" section.
  • Instead of one icon for all types of alerts, we now display a unique icon for each warning.

Sept 10, 2013

  • New feature: Scheduling Conflicts. You will be notified any time equipment or personnel is scheduled to be in two places at the same time. Jobs with scheduling conflicts will always show a red exclamation mark notifying you that there is a problem. You can view all problems with the new "Scheduling Conflicts" report.
  • We have added new tooltips that are easier to read and will no longer disappear after 5 seconds like most default web browser tooltips.
  • Bug fix: On the Day-View and Week-View pages, all completed jobs will visually span the correct dates/times.

July 9, 2013

  • Added a Quote Log report. It displays a list of quotes and their status with various filter options.
  • Added a Quote Summary report (for Account Administrators only). It displays sales results for each territory and salesperson.

June 29, 2013

  • Added an option to list employees on the Day-View and Week-View pages with an option to filter employees by their classification.
  • When copying a job you can choose which quotes to copy along with the job.
  • After deleting a job, it's associated Potential Job is reset to "Pending" allowing you to convert it into a new Scheduled Job.
  • Added a Database Change Log that tracks deleted jobs. This is available only to account administrators.

May 27, 2013

  • Fixed a bug that wasn't allowing contacts or documents to be deleted.
  • In the Equipment Utilization report, cranes that were not on rent during the entire date range are now included in the calculations.

May 17, 2013

  • Added a Potential Job report where you can view a list of potential jobs, their status, and whether a quote has been created for the job.
  • Added several job numbering options.

May 7, 2013

  • Added an enhanced note-taking system. Now you can add any number of notes to any job, customer, equipment, etc.

Apr 30, 2013

  • Added a Customer Call report which displays information about how often and how recently customers have been called on.
  • Added a ranking system for customers to help you stay in touch with important customers.
  • The salesperson's name will now appear on Invoice printouts.

Mar 7, 2013

  • Added an Uninvoiced Jobs report which displays a list of completed jobs that have not been invoiced.
  • Added a Sales Call report which displays a list of all sales calls made by a salesperson. Only account administrators can view this report.
  • On the Equipment Utilization Report, we added an option to view days on rent instead of hours on rent.

Feb 17, 2013

  • We have upgraded our server hardware to provide a more reliable service.
  • Added equipment mileage and hours to maintenance records.

Sep 22, 2012

  • Payment tracking has been added.  Payment tracking allows you to apply multiple payments to an invoice and view a transaction history for each customer that lists all their invoices and payments.

Sep 5, 2012

  • When you copy a job, you can also copy the quote that goes with it.
  • Bug fix: When copying a job, the equipment and personnel from the original job are not lost.
  • The forums have been discontinued. We added this Update Log to replace the old one.